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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    I see where NIgel is coming from too, but don't really see the need for a seperate forum. There are plenty of sub 30-footers who participate on PBO and Scuttlebutt, regardless.

    On the subject of first boats - our Moody 346 is the first boat we have owned ourselves ....... but please don't assume that I am new to sailing.... even though I do ask stupid questions from to time.

    I started as a kid, wading around in the mud of Chichester harbour, when my father had a 14foot clinker dayboat moored there. Later we had a Leisure 17, Prelude (19), Macwester Rowan 22 and finally a Seal.

    Many others will have sailed on a number of boats in different ways before buying their own. Careers, families and finances all have a bearing on when folk make their first investment and hence what is most appropriate.

    So its not always reasonable to assume that owning a boat for the first time equates to being a total novice.
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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    Dear Nigel,
    I wish to register my dischuffedness with this. Just because I had 20 years of small MABs, and in a mad rush of money to the dealers bought a 'starter' AWB 35ft, I am to be excluded.

    I have not rushed round to the marina, I bought most of the extras kit at Jumbles, EBay or boatsandoutboards, still take to the gooey mud, keep it on a swinging mooring in the same place. If someone offers me a decent mud berth, I will take it.

    I even kept the whisker pole from previous boat, havent bought any new lifejackets or flares etc.

    I continue to do my own maintenance, just that I have a lot more manuals onboard now.

    I will still enjoy the company of all the souls in the (mostly self maintained small MABs) yard over winter to assist with their projects and drink their tea/beer.

    My sailing has marginally altered in that I shot off to Ostend and back at great speed, but other than that, same cruising as normal, just more room.

    My clothing allowance is still nil, and I am known to look like a horse trader in flat cap and bodywarmer rather than latest Mustos. I do have yellow Canterburys for special sunny days though, but have had them since racing days.

    I would grant you that even the yard owner has taken some time to get back to talking to me as a normal profile customer again, rather than Rich Owner.
    Local chandlery is also realising that I have stopped the expenditure, and reverting to my normal pinching ways.

    I do not assiduously polish the boat every time I get on it, witness the slimy green on the foredeck from the mooring tails.

    In other words, I am going to turn it into a well used AW/MAB.
    My shoreside tender is worth 50 quid and was free with the boat I bought in 2002, but Lynn has painted it Brightside Yellow

    In other words, I fit your profile in every way except I have a brand new boat. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    I'm happy to be counted as a small old boat owner, 1975 Conway 26 cost 6k but has twin engines, hot + cold water, fridge and a GPS...also has deck delamination sea water pump leaks and stiff controls in need of replacement!! and is petrol so requires careful fuel budgeting particularly as I plan to take her cross channel next year. As someone has already posted a lot of large boat owners have come from small. I hope to be one of these one day...not that I have anything against small boats. I work on a 38 footer and sometimes deliver / skipper much larger craft. I'm not sure a further division of the forums would be helpful but local meets etc I would be up for....however if a larger craft wanted to attend then they probably shouldn't be excluded, sail or power...Iain

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Tommy is 27 feet X 10 and only recently had as much as an engine! Electronics will probably go as far as VHF, GPS and fishfinder......

    Even the engine is old, Volvo MD17C. (Thanks to Das_Boot)

    I'd be interested in meets on others boats and would be happy to offer the same once it's up and running. Currently moored on the tidal Haven at Boston with plans for heading inland as well as out to sea.

    I try and join in here occasionally, never feel "looked down on" but feel a little out of place when reading threads like the one on Gludy's new boat!

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    Default Am I the only one to feel the trend ??

    Actually my post came about because of e-mails and IM's received by me on thge subject .... there are small boat owners out there who feel a bit forgotten ....

    I say stand up and post then ... but what will be replies ?? That's the chance you take .....

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    I love my little boat dearly but still hanker for a larger craft as does SWMBO who would like to be able to stand up to get dressed in the morning ! But just because I have a little boat doesn't mean I don't have the experience. Having spent 23 years in the Services skippering boats including Contessa 28s and 32s, Halberg Rassy 34s, Cutlasses, Halcyons, Victoria 34s, Nic 55s to name a few, generally with inexperienced crews. The bottom line is I'm comfortable in any forum about sailing and will continue to be a happy small boat sailor until time and finance allows.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one to feel the trend ??

    26 foot Ecume de Mer. Needs decks repainting and toerails varnishing, but gets used regularly round the Clyde with family and friends. Last year she took three of us to Ireland. Earlier this year I did a single handed round Arran trip to raise some money for charity. Next year we are going to Ireland, Bangor and possibly Ardglass.

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    A 30' boat is quite big in our club, but I'm at the bottom for size with a 18'6" Caprice B/K with O/B- certainly would like to see more posts of relevance to smaller craft and those who don't spend limitless money
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    Default Re: Am I the only one to feel the trend ??

    totally agree, if you reckon your own area is not covered enough, or your thread has been hijacked - stand up for yourself, or support your fellow poster.
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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    Kilter is 1977 vintage 24' (or 27' if you count the bowsprit!) cutter rig with the taller mast. Clinker built Iroko on danka. Shallow longkeel with stub keels and drop keel. Sabb 10hp diseaseoil inboard engine. Swining mooring Conwy. She's not big but she is clever and easy on the eye and easy to sail!
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