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    Default Re: Terminology

    But it could be a New Small (White) Boat. NSWB
    Or an Average Small Boat. ASB
    (Why does it have to be 'Wee', smacks too much of Scottish stereotyping to me.)
    Or just a Smaller Useful Boat . SUB

    Sorry, the symmetry's going.

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    Default Why not ....

    SBO Small Boat Owner

    SBG Small Boat Group

    TBB The Better Boat (!)

    I quite like the SBO ..... cause it can always degenerate into the Son of a Bitch Owner when appropriate !!

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    Default Re: Keep \'em coming .....

    Google for the Trapper owners' website - lovely boat for sale mentioned there! (No connection, except a delighted Trapper TS240 owner).

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    Default Re: Keep \'em coming .....

    CAC - Cheap as Chips!

    OK I suppose I could afford 1200 notes for a boat, but a) I have the use of a boat at the moment and b) I am saving my pennies for building my own boat.

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    I fully agree with you about the emphasis being on larger boats in the IPC magazines, and would welcome more coverage especially from PBO. I've given up with YM and intend to let my subscription lapse as it has almost zero relevance to me these days. Apparently I am now in the "sub 10 metre" class of boat.

    I wouldn't like to see the forum split though, it is made up by us, not the journalists, and if there isn't enough small boat content then we only have ourselves to blame. Its strength lies in bringing together all sorts of people with all sorts of boats, and a purists' small boat forum would deny us the likes of Jimi and TCM (to name two erudite and/or amusing authors off the top of my head. There are of course many others).

    You only have to look at some of the other less mainstream fora to see where you would be going. By analogy, I would see a new forum like that more as a yacht club for like-minded people with similar outlook and boat type, whereas SB and R2R are more like a pub, where anyone from a PWC driver to a superyacht owner can and does post, and feel at home.

    I'd far rather be happy than right.

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    Sorry to come to this late.

    Nigel, as you know 26ft of Centaur...

    Lots of stuff from Ebay .... biggest expenses so far.... plotter and sprayhood.

    Yes I'd like to see more on here that is up my street as it were.

    And guys out there..........if I raft my tatty old tub against you some time.... please don't look down your nose at me!!!!!

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....


    Although I own a 35 ft boat I fully agree with you. There is too much emphasis on bigger boats these days, 'starter' boats at 36'.

    Yeh! go for it good luck.
    "You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
    And then one day you find ten years have got behind you"
    Roger Waters 1972

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    Default Re: Rallying call .....

    Sailed dinghies for 10 years at a sailing centre. First owned boat was a 19 foot Fantasie... struggled to find the two grand to buy her. Then life improved, so bought a Sigma 33..great boat, but not often I needed one that big... loved the speed, but not the handling in marinas when single handed. Now own a pretty Victoria ....26 ft, with all mod cons. Perfect and seems like a bigger boat. Glad I traded down in size, but up in quality. American designer Herreshoff said one should buy the best small boat one could afford and I am inclined to agree.

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    Default The call generally seems to have met with a +ve response ...

    With limited -ve ....

    That is re-asssuring and may prove to be a driving force on this ....

    I hope that some stimulation of Small Boat Owners has been made ... so that we can start to show more...

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