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Thread: Chichester

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    Barry if your coming from Pool, is it not easier to take the inner passage to the Solent. I'm no expert on that area, but I always find it much easier and not as rough. Depends on the wind of course.


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    Just common sense most of it.
    If the boat you have is the one in the picture you should have no problems
    There are usually lots of boats coming and going, so just join the line in. Have a local chart handy and be careful to check off the buoys around the sand bars so you become aware of whats were on your first trip. The buoys are also lit at night. Dont try any short cuts because there arnt any! (for keel boats)

    Anchor at East Head youll see other boats there in the summer - go ashore, swim, panick. Good if youve got kids!

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    Well i suppose it is but always gone up past the neddles as the wife normally helms from poole fairway boy to to the wight straight line keep compass on same bearing etc. Tell her to follow waypoints/routes on gps and it confuses her, poor soul. Needles channel is'nt that bad as long as you time it right and dont play silly buggers with it, even the inshore northern route can kick up if you time it wrong, all depends on the conditions on the day really.

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    Default aaah! the ship inn

    Back in the late 60s early 70s when the Ship Inn was run by Yeti and her old man Donald, the Ship was great. One of us would book a room and two dozen of us would be in the bar as his guest until the wee small hours and the weekend was one long party. Oh happy days.


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