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    Default Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    The trouble with Fairline is that once they have sold you a boat, that seems to be the end of their relationship with you. In the case of Sealine and Princess, their dealer network is company owned so at least they continue to have contact with the customer. Fairline appear to think they are in the car industry where the manufacturer is distanced from the customer. You can understand why Fairline are like this, it would cost them money to take an interest. This is a real shame because the product is great, but I wonder how much repeat business they are losing out on.

    What’s wrong?
    From my own experience, and others on this forum, Fairline have problems with their aftercare service, or lack of it. All warranty problems are dealt with by the dealer (who is not directly employed by Fairline). Thus you are completely at the mercy of that dealer. Some are good, some are bad. When I had my boat I would phone the dealer every Monday morning and give him a list of the faults that had arisen during the weekend. I would also chase progress on the resolution of faults previously raised but still not fixed. Most things would get fixed eventually. Some never got fixed. A typical excuse might be "we’re busy commissioning new boats at the moment so haven’t got round to fixing yours yet". My perception was that those who shouted loudest got their boats fixed. As a result of this Fairline and Peters cannot possibly know how long it takes for problems to be fixed.

    The solution.
    Once a boat has been delivered to the customer the customer has one month to report all defects. During this period the dealer is responsible for rectifying these faults. At the end of the month the customer effectively signs-off the boat. All faults are documented with their resolution. Fairline and Peters would be advised to press very hard to ensure that the customer is happy with his boat.
    After the first month has elapsed then all faults must be reported direct to Fairline themselves. This would be via an (international) freephone number which would operate 6 days a week. Customers would be given a fault number. These faults would then be prioritized and assigned to a dealer or a third party to fix within a specified time. The dealer or third party would be notified by e-mail that they have a new fault pending. Any fault that is keeping the boat in port should be fixed within 24 hours. All others to be fixed within 14 days. Once the fault has been fixed then the dealer would report back to head office. A letter would then be sent to the customer advising him that the fault has been fixed. The result would be that all problems are prioritized and Fairline could check that a customer’s problems are being dealt with in a timely manner. One month before the boat is a year old the customer should be reminded that his boat is almost out of warranty. He should be prompted to notify head-office of any unreported problems so that they can be fixed under warranty.

    After the year has passed, the boat would no longer be under warranty. If there was a three year warranty on the engines then the above procedure would continue to apply for engine problems.

    When the boat is a year old a letter should be sent to the customer inviting him to comment on the first year of ownership and inviting any suggestions for improved service. These should be returned to the MD of Fairline for his personal attention.

    The fault logging system described above should be Internet enabled so that all dealers would have access without expensive installations. Using the data held on the system, Fairline would have access to lots of MI. They could spot if a particular boat has had more than its’ fair share of problems or whether there are any worrying trends. Dealers providing a poor service would be easy to spot.

    Additional recommendations:
    1) Fairline would take responsibility for the ownership of engine defects and arrange for these to be repaired by Volvo. They would not refer the customer to Volvo as they do at present.
    2) At the end of year 1 an extended (at extra cost) warranty would be offered to the customer.
    3) Fairline and other manufacturers should offer servicing packages that include engine servicing, anti-fouling, winterising, anodes etc. This would be of immense benefit to new boaters.

    Disclaimer: al the above IMHO, E&OE, SWALK, etc. Consultancy rates provided on request.

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    Default Re: Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice!!
    The only way they are goner change is if no-one buys their boats any more...then they will either get in line with the rest or the'll go under...(pun intended).


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    Default Re: Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    Peter your idea of the one month period is good one however I have found that MONEY is a real
    incentive to getting things done by which I mean the following.
    In the Construction Industry on all contracts I enter into, there is a 6 or 12 month "defects liability "
    period during which time a sum usually 3 or 5 percent of the final contract sum, is held by the client.
    The installation is inspected at the end of the defects liability period, and any defect we correct before
    we get paid our retention money.

    Believe me that is a real incentive to return and correct the works.

    I extend this to any tradesmen who work for me on my house etc. Indeed the successful tenderer
    for my garden landscaping agreed to a 5% retention for a three month period. He asked "whats it
    for" as his work is correct first time.

    Upon completion of their works when it rained the paving was out of level and created puddles.
    He soon returned to put it right to get his money. If I had'nt had the retention I would have been
    fobbed of cos he's got his money and is busy with his next earner.

    So there you have it MONEY TALKS


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    Default Re: Retention of cash

    Hi Clive,

    Talking last night about having the kitchen gutted and rebuilt.. told the mrs that i would keep a percentage back for 3 months to ensure that if there were any snagging issues they would get their backside over to put it right!

    She seemed to think that i wouldn't get anyone to do it... i said, well to be fair if a fitter isn't prepared to do it... he ain't got the skill to fit it correctly in the first place!



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    Default Re: Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    As a prospective customer for a new fairline. I have tos ay I am very concerned about the comments on the Forum.

    If Fairline read this forum I think they shoud be aware that 52 feet of fibreglass will not be needed until they change their attitude to customers.

    Whilst I am aware the comments on this forum are individuals personal comments they are the smoke and as a new customer? you wonder if there is a fire?

    perhaps Fairline would like to post a reply?

    As a potential customer I would like to hear what they have to say!

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    Default Re: cngarrod

    If hes not prepared to accept retention as part of the order, then move on to the next quote.
    I always get at least 3 quotes, so if one is not prepared to accept it move to the next one.
    A friend of mine was half way through having a conservatory built recently and I gave him my point
    of view re always holding retention.

    Well as they he had already got it half finished at that stage he thought they may not like it.
    I urged him on and when they had finished and were looking for the balance to be paid,
    he told them he would stop 5% of contract value for a period, to safeguard both himself & them.
    They agreed, and sure enough he had a problem within the first month, they retuned put it right
    so that they could get their retention.

    I would not have it any other way. Put it in writing in a written order which both parties sign
    before work commences. GO FOR IT


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    Default Re: Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    Subject Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions Post Reply

    Posted by petem (regular)
    Posted on Tue Feb 26 20:56:13 2002

    "The trouble with Fairline is that once they have sold you a boat, that seems to be the end of their relationship with you. In the case of Sealine and Princess, their dealer network is company owned so at least they continue to have contact with the customer. "

    Sealine is, Princess isn't.




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    Default Peters - Their engineering dept seems very good.

    I have just bought a new boat and have had a major problem with one of the engines within seven hours of use. Peters have been on the ball. Reported the problem on Sunday, engineer on boat on Tuesday, new turbo arriving today (Wednesday). Peters have phoned me twice in that time keeping me up to date with progress.
    The boat isn't a Fairline so I am more than happy with the Volvo warranty undertaken by Peters so far.

    The dealer who sold me the boat told me to make a list of all the faults and report them after a months use, they will then send someone to my marina to rectify the problems.

    Seems the best way to handle faults, much better than hassling them on a weekly basis.

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    Default Re: Peters - Their engineering dept seems very good.

    And what compensation are they going to pay you for loss of use?

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    Default Re: Fairline/Peters - Some suggestions

    Apologies if I'm wrong. Thought Princess Brokerage were owned by Princess.


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