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    Sassenach &c ..... adj Scottish (-speaking) ...
    n an Englishman or -woman ... [Gael sasunnach Saxon, English; a non-GAELIC-speaking Lowlander, cretin, non-human (sic) one of the lower abyss, cursed, doomed]
    Born in England
    Made in Scotland

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    Hoots man! Yon's a crackin' dicshunary. Whaur can a' get yin like?

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    hi no weather here is hot wet and windy but can sail most days which i do we have had a few storms winds to 90 kts just real pain in the butt . this is our summer weather i fined i like winter better as it is useualy fine nice winds and fair seas we are going into our cyclone season now .so anything can happen .we are very short of water here at present so we need the rain.its about 29 30 here at moment so i aint cold. regards dave

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