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    Like a lot of others looking to purchase something bigger I am worried about longer term depreciation. Currently got a sealine 195, and have been considering bigger boats like larson 254 with kad32, or bigger still, a fairline 29 with twin ad31. My thoughts were that where the difference in gph for smaller boats like the larson v its petrol powered equiv, the advantage of the diesel will be largely diminished therefore it will fall in value considerably to a level maybe just above the petrol. But with the bigger fairline, 90% of them were diesel anyhow and running 2 v8 petrols in such a boat will still be unpopular. Therefore its value may fall but not to the extent of the smaller boat.
    Does anyone else see the logic in this?
    I guess If i want to play it safe is to buy a petrol larson 254 with a more modern mpi petrol in it. Keep this for a year and review the situation. At least I can be sure its wont plummet in value.
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    Along with all the cost of ownership stuff you might want to factor in that the Fairline is a better boat.

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    I went through this myself earlier this year and ended up with a Sealine S24 with KAD32. I decided the advantages of diesel outweighed the risk of a bit of depreciation if red goes in 2007.

    Quality boats hold their value, and in the UK a Sealine, Fairline, Princess or Sunseeker will hold their value pretty well.

    Don't forget that diesel engines are much better suited to powering boats (lots of torque), are more relaible in the marine environment, and are inhrently more efricient than petrol.

    My KAD32 burns about one litre a mile @3000rpm, so even if red doubles in price it's not a major issue given all the other costs, so IMHO I don't believe there'll be huge depreciation of smaller diesels.

    Bigger boats may be a different matter though as costs may become prohibitive.
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