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    Default Why I dont visit Salcombe

    Visitors to Salcombe are down by 12%, personally I would not go there becauce of the harbour charges - even for just dropping the anchor. Also a complete lack of facilites ashore now including basic food shops.

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    Serves 'em right if that is correct. A couple of years back I think I paid 60 odd p per litre for diesel from the barge! Didnt realise until later that day I wrote it in the log and calculated how much it cost..


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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    Used to be one of my absolute favourites -now I never visit.
    The so called harbour staff are often alongside you demanding silly money BEFORE you even reach a buoy or drop your anchor, and they totally fail to control the Birmingham Navy(sorry Birmingham) who charge around the harbour making non-stop wash.
    Much quieter at Fowey.

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    This is 'viral retro-marketing' in action.

    I tell all my student groups where I've had memorably good welcome and service - e.g. Padstow, Ilfracombe - and where I and friends have had reason to regret going in there: e.g. Salcombe, Ardglass, Portland.....

    Maybe we can persuade the 'powers that be' within the YBW empire to run and publish a Customer Satisfaction Survey akin to that done for gear and boats after each year's ARC?

    How's about it, you investigative journos?

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    Sounds a great idea - may need a small modification to the poll software but a series of threads on best and worst in 2005 - taken in Jan 2006 for example; should ellicit the information.
    Interpretation and publication are of course another thing!

    My suggested topics would be -

    South Coast anchorages
    South coast marinas (to visit)
    South Coast marinas (to be based)
    Cruising destination (from the south coast)

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    Exactly our reason for never going there. We remember going into Salcombe very early one morning, many years ago after a really long, lumpy beat back from St Malo.

    We were all dead tired and were actually about to let go the anchor when a liitle boat came alongside and demanded money!

    We told the guy to come back in half an hour when we were sorted, but he wouldn't hear of it. The crew looked at each other, hauled the anchor up, and we headed back home to Plymouth. We have never, nor will ever, go back.

    It's a truely awful place IOHO. Expensive, pretentious, and lousy value for money according to many of those who do visit. And even those are apparently reducing in number and I'm not at all surprised.

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    I sailed straight past this year-I'm certainly not paying to lie to my own anchor just North of the Bag, miles from any facilities. Getting ashore from a dinghy is a nightmare any way,and the toilets/showers are totally inadequate. BUT WHY IS THE RYA NOT ORGANISING A TOTAL BOYCOT OF SALCOMBE BY ITS MEMBERS? Unless there is collective action we'll just be fleeced and fleeced. I think its time they changed their slogan from "Education not legislation" to " No visitation if exploitation" or they may not have any candidates to educate because there 'll be no one willing to be ripped off time and time again.

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    How much do they charge? I guess it depends on length ...

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    I think it's 1.60/metre to use a buoy, 80p/metre to anchor.

    Salcombe is OK for a one night stop, but I always leave feeling that everyone, shops, pubs, restaurants and Harbourmaster has fleeced me. A pity really.

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    Default Re: Why I dont visit Salcombe

    I paid 1.60 a metre to anchor this I won't be going back again.

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