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    Default North of Deben entrance / Bawdsey

    Earlier this year we ran in to a massive cobweb of floating line north of the Deben entrance and off Bawdsey area. There were approx 30-40 markers (easily seen). However, what was very bad news was that most of these markers appeared to have floating line between them, with small shuttle/pellet type plastic floats keeping the line on or just below the water. I presume these were keeping a net afloat? ..and I thought drift / floating netting of this kind was supposed to be manned all the time...these weren't!!!

    We are very used to the markers around Cromer and the North Norfolk coast, but to find ourselves entangled in this maze of floating line was a nightmare come true.

    Every which way we turned to make an escape we just found yet another line. It was like trying to espace from a massive dot-to-dot puzzle that someone had already completed and they neatly hidden just under the water.

    Prior to this discovery we had taken a 'live and let live' approach to these pot markers, however with £28k worth of new engines and £1200 in of 4 x duo-props to think of, we will now carry and not hesitate to use a knife on the end of a long stick.
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    Default Re: North of Deben entrance / Bawdsey

    If I come across junk like this I wrap it up and sink it or take it in and let the owner come get it. See my other posting. Get a length of stainless pipe, weld a stainless knife blade to the end, and weld a piece of flat to the blade end, hooked back at a small angle so it keeps the line/net against the blade while you tear it up. Bung the pipe with expanding foam so it floats. Don't attach it to yourself with a lanyard in case you loosen something heavy which then hangs on the hook.


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