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    Default Permesso di soggiorno

    I have read a few earlier posts regarding the 'Permesso di Soggiorno' but still find that the position is a little unclear. If we are living on a boat, and travelling around Italy for the next year, staying in different ports for varying amounts of time, is it still necessary to get the 'Permesso', or is it only necessary if you are staying at one address on land?
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    Default Re: Permesso di soggiorno

    You only need a Permesso di soggiorno if you are working. As a tourist, you don't need one.
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    Default Re: Permesso di soggiorno

    Wots a 'Permesso di Soggiorno'
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    Default Re: Permesso di soggiorno

    Strictly speaking, this is not entirely correct.

    Like in all other EU countries, EU citizens are allowed to stay for 3 months (as tourists), after which they should apply for a "carta di soggiorno", which is not the same thing as the "permesso di soggiorno" and supposedly much easier to obtain.

    One would wonder how they can enforce it though, considering that no entry formalities are required from an EU-flagged boat with EU citizens on board entering the country from another EU country (which is almost certainly the case when reaching Italy from western mediterranean).

    So in practice, the clock may start ticking only if and when they know you are there (through a spot check or because you become conspicuous by staying too long in a single place).

    Chances are, nobody will bother you, but you must be aware of what the official rules are.

    Remember that it would be easy to leave the country for few days, going to another EU country (Corsica, Malta or Greece depending where you are) and thus breaking the 3-month period.

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    Default Re: Permesso di soggiorno

    Iv been living in Italy since 1975. I got my 1st Permesso then and in 30yrs I was, only asked it for once by the authorities - when I needed to change my GP! I'd lost and I asked for another. It was also requested when I took out a mortgage. My advice - don't bother, foreign passport on a foreign boat no problem and most Italian officials don't speak English and if they do they will be more interested in practising it than hassling you for a bit of papaer, Italians police have more serious problems hunting down illegal immigants - all IMHO.

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