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    Default Mariner Outboard year identification

    Good evening all,
    Can anyone identify the year of build for a mariner 60hp outboard for me please or direct me to a relevant website?

    Serial Number 09722990. Incidently, the 60hp designation is written script style as Sixty

    Thanks everyone,


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    Default Re: Mariner Outboard year identification

    Barrus are very helpful. Phone them with the serial number and they'll give you a precise date/model. From what you say it sounds like a mid 90's lump. Don't quote me on that!

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    Default Re: Mariner Outboard year identification

    on the mercurymarine site your serial number doesn't come up as found - right number of numbers though.

    Sounds like the model 'sixty' introduced in 1991 through 1994. In 1995 the 'Mariner 60' replaced it.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Default Re: Mariner Outboard year identification

    0971000 - 09793444 were all made in 1993


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