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    Default Calls to Yarmouth Harbour Master ....

    It would appear that the HM at Yarmouth is not happy about calls and refers all back to me.

    That is a bit unfair considering the e-mail I received from his office and explaining how and my reply.

    The answer appears to be - Can you all club together and sort a block booking that is 5 or more boats ... and one person call in ... Unfortunately he requires a deposit payable on that booking ...

    The message from his office did say that after the "Walk-Ashore" pontoon is created next to HM office .... funnily enough right opposite Harold Hayles ... that he will accept Individual Bookings ... So a choice ... take a chance and wait till end of March to book on that WA pontton or try and get a block together ?

    I'm sorry if I pass this one on ... but I have tried everything to get through this hurdle and this is the only suggestion I can make ....

    If you would like to PM me for listing for a block ... then by all means ... then I will link all together for you to discuss way forward ...

    Sorry - but I don't know what else to do ....


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    Default Re: Calls to Yarmouth Harbour Master ....

    If fairness was a criteria by which marinas were forced to operate, wouldnt it make a fundamental change to our way of life?
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