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    Default Repair to a Tabur Yak

    My newly acquired Tabur Yak has a hairline fracture, about 4 inches long, where it sits on it's trailer. Has anyone any ideas on how to repair it. They appear to be made of 2 mouldings stuck together and I wonder are they easy to take apart and then fix back together agian. The transom board the outboard clamps onto has come off and I need to refix it, but between the hulls is hollow and I did think I might insert a plywood pad. How good are these tenders? It is a Yak 3. Paul

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    Default Re: Repair to a Tabur Yak

    They have to be repaired by hot air welding, with the correct type of plastic used, as one would use a rod in gas welding metals. Luckily there are people everywere doing this. Some are making things out of plastic, but more common are the ones repairing car bumpers, as it is cheaper than paying car dealers prices for new ones.
    I had a tabur and had it repaired that way, after trying, and failing, to do it with epoxy, sikoflex etc.
    Taburs are ok if you want a very light dinghy for sheltered water, I swamped mine once, with two in it , and it stayed afloat.

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    Default Re: Repair to a Tabur Yak

    As Jeanne says they are made of a funny sort of plastic which nothing will stick to. We had one yonks ago, the one a bit like little dory. It was very safe, more or less impossible to tow but excellent for getting to a pretty exposed mooring in Soton Water.

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    Default Re: Repair to a Tabur Yak

    Are they made of polyethelyne? I think Bics are and they do a repair kit. It's about 40 though so you need to weigh that against the cost of replacing with another used dinghy.

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    Default Re: Repair to a Tabur Yak

    I fixed mine with glass mat - not attractive but worked. Personally I thought it was a great tender, fast, voluminous and light to handle. Disadvantage was bu**er to row. Got stolen in the end despite looking like a dog. I don't know what they are made of but it ain't polyethelene.


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