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    this makes interesting reading !!! web page
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    web site doesnt seem to be working - what was the gist?

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    "Constituency Issue (1): the importance of red diesel

    With two million people living in the three counties that make up the Thames Valley region, my postbag and emails are at an all-time high. For the past few weeks, some of them have focussed on the threat of ending an exemption for red diesel used in private pleasure craft. The loss of the exemption would put up the price of red diesel, currently at 30p – 40p per litre to 95 p – 105 p per litre.

    This is one of those issues which concerns both Westminster and Europe. So one chilly February evening, I found myself at The Royal British Legion Club in Hungerford with one of our new intake, the Member for Newbury, Richard Benyon, with nearly 100 people present. Richard, whose father Bill many will remember represented Buckingham and subsequently Milton Keynes until 1992, chaired the meeting like an old hand.

    In his pre-Budget speech last December Gordon Brown said he was “minded” to ask the European Commission for the low-rate tax on red diesel to continue. It’s now up to Westminster Members to press the Government to make that request to the Commission. Once the ball is in our court, across the Channel, I will be pressing the European Commission to propose that the Council of Ministers should keep it. With this in mind, I am tabling a question to the Commission and have offered to lead a delegation to the Commissioner responsible once the request lands in Brussels.

    This is just one of a number of topics where parliamentarians in London and Brussels are best when working together for the good of their constituents."

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    We met with James Elles a few weeks ago. He is right behind the MBM campaign.

    For full details of our meeting and how James plans to help the cause, see April's issue of MBM, on-sale 16 March.

    I'm also currently putting together a short guide to contacting your MEP - I'll get it up on the web when it's done (could be a few weeks yet).

    Best wishes

    Motor Boats Monthly


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