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    Default Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment

    The document mentioned in the previous budget has now been published. A quick skim suggests the govt will be applying to keep the derogation. It seems that the BMF and RYA reports were pretty influential.

    [ QUOTE ]

    2. Apply for renewal of the derogation
    21.15 This is the option adopted. The Government believes that removal of the derogation would result in unacceptable compliance costs. It also believes that, on balance, the environmental, social and market effects of ending the derogation would also be detrimental.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    So, things are moving forward it seems.


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    Default Re: Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment

    Yep - page 209 of the HM Treasury Budget document, item A84 Energy Products Directive:

    "The Government will apply for renewal of the derogations on private pleasure flying, private pleasure crafts, and waste oils. ()"

    Unless something else in the 300 odd pages, looks like the battle moves to Brussels.


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