Is it possible the sterngear is being fouled by the line of polycarbonates trailed to disable the annoying oinks on their pwc's,discussed some time ago in the forum.
I personally joined this forum to take in the views and opinions of mindful water users so as not to be either a nuisance or a danger once I launch my PWC later this spring.
The late Brian Clough once said when asked about football hooligans "They are not football hooligans, they are hooligans at football. Ban them from football and they will be hooligans somewhere else." I feel the same mentality is to be considered in this case. We can work together to eradicate this mindless minority and hopefully enjoy our chosen craft inland , inshore or offshore . As they say.............whatever floats yer boat [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]