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    Default CHIRP - Feedback 9 - \'not our problem...?\'

    Am I the only one to read the item in Feedback 9 from CHIRP about pots and markers, and feel that they are slightly shrugging off responsibility for championing the issue? I understand that there are political difficulties in this area, as anywhere else, but should there not be one agency charged with gathering reports and lobbying for action? And should it really be CHIRP, or is this something our RYA subs should be covering..?

    The report is easily accessible from their website, linked on Kim's sticky post...
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    Default Re: CHIRP - Feedback 9 - \'not our problem...?\'

    Hi. CHIRP doesn't champion any issue as it has to be demonstrably neutral in its dealings with third parties. I can see the attractiveness of having a single reporting channel, but CHIRP is not it. At the beginning of this exercise the RYA set up a reporting mechanism on its web-site, but was concerned that some people would be reluctant to report because of possible "threats". CHIRP then became involved to ensure an avenue existed for reports irrespective of their sensitivity. Over time there has been a tendency for reporters to use CHIRP as a primary rather than alternative reporting mechanism. FEEDBACK 9 reiterated CHIRP's published terms of reference; no more and no less.

    We will continue to gather, collate and present the reports we receive on this topic to the relevant organisations and will continue to publish reports of interest and highlight areas of particular concern or good practice to the relevant authorities. This is the extent CHIRP's responsibility and we certainly will not be turning away from it.

    Hope this reply clarifies things.

    Safe sailing,

    Mike Powell
    Director (Maritime) CHIRP


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