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    Default Anyone needing help in or to find the meet place.

    I'm sure others will assist and I will try to make sure that HM berthing dory has details as you enter Yarmouth Hbr ... just tell him you are with PBO Beach BBQ meeting .....

    If anyone needs help - I will carry my HH VHF and listen out on a channel - (now here you are - open for suggestions of channel - anyone care to say ?). If you need help - I will do best to help ... take lines, direct you in ..... if I can sort my dinghy engine bracket - even come out to guide you in etc.

    For those not been to Yarmouth Beach BBQ before - it is a very long walk round to the site on the dunes and is best by short 300 yd dinghy ride from HH pontoon..... the chartlet here shows the area as the hooked spit above left of centre. Harold Hayles pontoons are the ones to left below centre above the bridge......

    My boat and I are the short, fat scruffy pair with this flag flying :

    + this one :>

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    Default Re: Anyone needing help in or to find the meet place.

    77 is usually a good channel in Solent, with 72 as a fallback

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    Default 77 \'s easy to remember ...

    I like 69 - but that plops on top of another's working ...

    So I'm game for 77....... as far as my memory goes that is simplex - so is ok.

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    Default Re: 77 \'s easy to remember ...

    We are thinking of joining? coming with a tent and a rib?

    Any ideas where we can camp and launch rib?


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    Default Re: 77 \'s easy to remember ...

    mmmmm tent and a rib ??? no idea ... but if you can sort it - you're more than welcome to party on ...

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    Default Re: 77 \'s easy to remember ...

    There is a public slipway in the harbour just east of the lifeboat pontoon, directly facing the harbour entrance. The nearest camping I can think of is Freshwater, about 2 to 3 miles away.
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