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    k up your daughters

    Default I may not make it

    My boat has been delayed, it was due to arrive today and I was only told late today that the ship it is on is delayed, how can DHL track a small package but the manufacturer can't track a boat. Hope you all have great fun, I am really pissed off [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: I may not make it


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    Default Re: I may not make it - YES YOU WILL

    You my old fruit cannot miss this .... I will make sure you are either on MY boat or another ............ OK ?

    So you stop this silly nonsense and start thinking about getting to Hayling for Friday morning tide ..... OK ?

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    There are many reasons that a ship or cargo can be delayed.

    Weather, berthing slot, loading rates, mechanical ship faults ....

    Also it may be that crago arrived late to port and ship couldn't wait - so was loaded to a different later ship. The cost of holding a ship in port for cargo is expensive and there are other vessels available.

    In the case of boats from US - they are often in batches, so a regular service is used ... your boat may have dropped back in the system due to late delivery to port ?? meaning that you drop into next batch.

    Who knows ? And I bet your supplier doesn't even know either .... or he does and doesn't want to get involved .....

    The only time you can "rely" and even then I have tongue squarely in cheek - is if its a Liner Service. But to be honest near all liner services are over now. It is tramp trade now on liner basis..... that is fixed routeing on some such as Container / Ro-Ro etc. but not fixed timing.

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    Default Re: I may not make it

    You gotta be there GC1, I am relying on you being there in yer shiny new boat and insufficient experience to make my parking up look good !

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    Default He\'ll be there ....

    There's too many people want to find out about the Massage Parlour he bought !!!!! and when we all get free-tickets !


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