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    Default Mobile internet- Brittany

    We are cruising to Brittany in June/July and need mobile internet access on a laptop. Anyone had experience of this? GPRS or 3G with UK or French simcard? Your experiences would be useful.

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    I understand St Quay Portrieux has WiFi covering the marina.
    Don't know what it costs though.

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    Default Re: Mobile internet- Brittany

    I have a O2 mobile simcard that slips into a port on the laptop. It is expensive and quite a slow connection... but ... you can connect from absolutely anywhere there is a mobile signal.
    I am told that most modern fones can be used as modems too!
    It is a minefield and someone will always have a better/cheaper package than you!!
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    I have a Vodafone Mobile 3G Connect card which I've used all over Europe. It's worked fine in every marina I've ever visited although I can't say I've used in Brittany. Its expensive to use so make sure you get the right tariff for your likely usage and then use it sparingly


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