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    Default Ooh just noticed this

    Getting new RIB next Monday and will be based in Solent for a week or so. Might hang around for the BBQ with SWMBO. Will need accommodation though. Any suggestions? (nothing too crap please) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    What time is the BBQ?

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    Hi Magnum
    Try this place - (not sure if link will work, but you can cut& paste) have eaten there a few times in the past, but now with kids I feel like a leper when we go in there, bit too polite for us now. Right next to the seafront and ferry terminal and the BBQ.

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    Default BBq is when and what you like !!

    Saturday thru Sunday do ... at West end of Harbour ....

    When you come round the western most end of harbour - you will see a small pontoon and landing place on right between end of HM pontoons and Harold Hayles pontoons - where we are.

    The BBQ is on the beach at that landing place ... in the dunes - Sat 27 - Sun 28th.

    If you go thru the posts I've made over the months - there is a chartlet you can see and print of ... showing exactly the layout.

    As to berthing the RIB - you are going to have to call HM to book on his pontoon - as HH is full to overflow now.....

    Welcome !!


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