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    Sailed across Poole bay last week. Had to motor at times but with little enjoyment due to constant worries about the small ballcock size pot bouys. Does no one realise that someone could actually be killed by an accident bought about by these. All they need is a float , a cane and a scrap of material to flag them marker and they will be many times safer.

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    they aren't all pot buoys - the black or nearly black ones have been there 'sometime'..........

    most of them are actually leisure boaters dropping the odd single pot on their way out - to be picked up on the way back. Some are even active Scuttlebutt members ie yachts [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

    I am thinking particualliry about the 4 set around Lobster rock - in a straight line between Poole Harbour Entrance and the Solent.

    Those on Christchurch ledge are seasonal but mainly nets

    Those closer into the bay are nets and cuttle traps

    Outside a line from old harry to the needles you will find very few such problems - they will be pot buffs but if the tide is running they will be hard on the bottom and even at slack they will be few and far between.


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