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    TCM, officially most hated forumite, today moved to The Terraces for a deal worth 80squillion quid.

    Meanwhile jimi has been told that his contract for bootcleaning will not be renewed, as he remains unfit.

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    Sadly, it was announced shortly after TCM's transfer that he failed his medical, and is now instead being moved to 'Scuttlebutt Cherbourg cruise 2005'

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    [ QUOTE ]
    ....he failed his medical....

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Company I use to work for was appointing a new Finance Director. It was a dead cert that a friend of the MD would get the job; but he failed the medical because he had been circumcised!!!

    Why? They needed a complete prick to be Finance Director [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]


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