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    Default I\'ve just bought England

    Not many of you know that my real name is Jimigetzisrocsoff and I haf many connections. Including Mr Jowell amongst ithers. Anyway I haf jist bocht Engiland from that nice man Bliar who wiz a bit fed up with it anyway. I need some advice .. what kind of boat should I buy that will fit in the Kiel canal so I can go and see my team play?
    Brexit: ‘taking back’ what we had never lost, in order to lose everything we had...

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    Default Re: I\'ve just bought England

    Suggest you go talk to the people living in the little untidy bit at the far end of the garden of your England purchase... you know the bit.....where you leave the rubbish to be collected..... You may hear it referred to as Scotland.

    It is rumoured that there are several places in this bit of the garden that still build boats from Steel.... may be perfect for your needs to avoid too much damage caused by friendly fire from Bliar's friend Dubya, and his mate Rumsfeeling

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    Default Re: I\'ve just bought England

    say ehhh pardner ....

    i just recently realized that all those signs in the Crystal Plate stores that say:
    "If You Break it You own It"
    didn't extend to you fellas.
    I won't be doin' no more breakin'
    There won't be any more friendly lobs there ol' bean,
    (ehhh did i say that 'bean' thing right? checkmate??)

    at any rate I'm turning my eyes back to space,
    the Ol' Bull in the China cabinet,

    Chris Craft Launch Vp8.1
    hound dogs with a decent chap for a master


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