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    Default England a good bet at 7 to 1 ?

    Not bad odds for a team that will win the World Cup I would have thought.

    What about Iran at 3 to 1 to make it through the group stages?

    Any other interesting bets?
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    Default Re: England a good bet at 7 to 1 ?

    Good odds for England.....

    We've not fielded a stronger squad in some time, and Sven seems to have managed to create an atmosphere of confidence this time around....

    Acshully i'm a bit fed up with all the carping and whinging about football on the other forums.... like or loathe the game, its nice to see so much patriotism on show...... and its nice to be proud of being English and it dissapoints me to see people getting knocked for publically displaying that.....

    Good luck to the boys... most of us at least.... are behind you....


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