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    Default Trawler fishing net - middle of Lyme Bay

    Motoring across Lyme Bay last week - no wind - we were bang in the middle of the bay when the engine was stopped dead. We had caught a large heavy trawling net around the prop. Luckily a sea breeze kicked in after about an hour and we managed to sail (24nm) to Brixham where we had a dive team remove it. We were told that trawlers cut off the bottom of the trawl nets for some reason and often toss the off-cut (it was about 2x4 metres) over the side. It floats just below the water level.

    Seastart were EXCELLENT in sorting out divers and generally getting us going quickly again and thanks to MDL at Brixham marina for picking us up in the harbour and towing us in.

    We have a Maxprop and was expecting damage but thankfully everything seems okay.


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    Default Re: Trawler fishing net - middle of Lyme Bay

    One wonders why fisher/trawlermen do this. Are they immune from getting their own sterngear fouled by similarly dumped detritus?.

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    Default Re: Trawler fishing net - middle of Lyme Bay

    Its often not deliberate. If the gear is snagged on the bottom large pieces can be ripped out of the trawl only to wash free later and then float around causing problems.



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