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    Default Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    I just dont seem to get it together wiv Deck shoes. 5 minutes after buying them, the soles are like glass and are more like skates than grippy things. Wet decks/rocks and I'm all over the place. Tried Dubarry's Musto's and Sebago's
    Anybody got any tips? I've tried roughing them with glasspaper but that doesnt work.
    The one thing I've noticed is that they go a lot quicker if you wear them off the boat. Is that the answer (i.e not wearing them?)

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    I've given up on deck shoes. Much prefer trainers with non-marking soles. Its a bit more difficult to get non-black soles - but they last longer, are warmer on the feet and be picked up a lot cheaper than branded 'sailing shoes'.

    Grip is much better too in my opinion..


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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    ....and how do you get the laces to stay done up?

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    Worse still is having laces in the first place.

    I gave up on deck shoes ages ago as I kept snagging the laces on the deck gear when I went up for'wd.

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    My Dubarry Deckies stick like glue to just about any surface, always been very impressed with them and only had to replace them after 5 years. Much less impressed with my new Musto boots, they don't seem to have the same grip at all.
    You never know, I might be right!

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    Whit happened tae they rather tricky Dubarry Goretex Chelsea Boots ye wiz wandrin aroon in lst year?

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    Just got a pair of deck shoes - no laces, v. good soles - from Matalan! (tell it not in Gath). Will report in due course. - I know I'm a cheap skate.
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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    I go for good skate shoes, they emphasise non slippiness - I look for low cut breathable types without too much padding in them. Good non slip with waffle or other similar sole pattern.

    I suspect their market is far more discerning than the fashion yotting one, both in looks and expectations of performance. Can't show off yer Musties or Dirtyberries tho' as part of the withit crowd, but they work.

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    I got a pair of Chathams nearly three years ago. I wear them none stop every day. Boat, gardening, anything, everything. Still going strong.

    Cant keep the laces fastened though and dont know how to replace them. So laces have knots in them.

    You can buy on line. About 29'ish.

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    Default Re: Deck Shoes - is it just me?

    I couldn't keep the leather laces tied in my shoes until I found Since then, I've never had a problem. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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