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    Default I thought we did OK

    Not great, but alright. Fair enough they weren't the greatest opposition in the world but they were well organised and defended well. When was the last time we scored in the second half? or won the first two matches at a world cup! As a plus Lennon looked good and Rooney got a run out, hopefully playing longer against Sweden. Sven made a couple of substitutions that worked well, as far as I know nobody got injured and they did enough to qualify. Then the [--word removed--] of a presenter on ITV slags them off and is all doom and gloom!
    I think we will play better against the better teams, so there!

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    Default Re: I thought we did OK

    Yep. fair enough. Italy looked rubbish in group stages when they went a long way (94?), Germany lost 5-1 to england and nine months later finalists (02).

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    Default Absolutely

    I thought that T&T were actually a good team with players who knew what they were about - Hislop and Yorke for a start!

    They set out to get a 0 - 0 draw with another top European side - this would have been a real feather in their cap after Sweden.

    England stuck to it...plugged away and in the end scored 2 stupendous goals.

    As someone on the Terry Wogan programme's really good of the BBC and ITV to provide 2 matches for the price of one...that is the one we watched and the one the commentators talked about!!



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