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    Default France...!!! What a turn-round....!!! (And then Rooney ....)

    I had them written off after the early stages of the Cup...!

    The French never seem to amaze me. They always do the wrong thing and thus win... (I think I have even got every election forecast wrong as well.)

    I didn't see the English match - only heard the comments on the radio. What a prick, Rooney. It reminds me of when Beckham was sent off in his first World Cup and contributed to England being eliminated. But Rooney being sent off twice is a positive liability to any team. Football skills are not enough; you need to have the 'mentale' as well.

    I would drop him from the team for at least a year or two until he gets himself back in line. I remember two years ago how everybody was comenting on how nice a kid he was. Apparently the money and power have gone to his head. I hope this is made abundantly clear to him.

    Allez les Bleus..


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    Default Re: France...!!! What a turn-round....!!! (And then Rooney ....)

    Couldn't agree more about Rooney, the fact (imho) he did nothing for the time he was on the pitch, and the way the team managed to contain Portugal for another hour after he'd gone, speaks volumes. Too often the media creates hyperbole about players and we begin to believe they are a crutch we can't live without - this leads to the kind of behaviour we saw last night. Apparently the papers today are baying for the blood of Ronaldo, because before the match he reportedly told Rooney he was going to get him sent off, and then he winked at his bench when the red card was produced. Ridiculous. The man plays league football with Rooney and so knew how tempremental the little oik is, of course they were then going to bait him into doing something stupid, the same happened for years after Beckham got sent off in '98. We can't blame them for the fact he so readily reacted. It smacks more of sour grapes, because Ronaldo scored the final penalty. Rant over - that was rather cathartic!

    I didn't watch France-Brazil (too soon to watch another match), but wish I had now looking at the highlights. Brazil needed a kick up the derriere, though I'm very suprised France managed to supply it.

    Everyone I know was almost resigned to a Brazil-Argentina final, but we've been delivered a suprise, as only the World Cup can do. What a great advertisment for European Football.
    I never thought I would say this, but I'm actually backing Germany now - they've played well, been very hospitable, and there's something magical about the host nation winning!
    Cold, wet and association.

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    Default Re: France...!!! What a turn-round....!!! (And then Rooney ....)

    Seemed to me the team played as a team for the first time when the 'Stars' had gone.

    They all made a great effort and pulled together without looking to Beckham to do it for them or tell them what to do.


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