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Thread: August

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    Lets all try that on the Trader stand [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]


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    Armed with a list of questions such as do they come with oil in the gearbox in the latest version, are the shafts aligned, and is the leaky roof still optional?

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    best to say, a mate of mine bought on of these - but he has had some issues with it... see if you get a look of horror, or extra sales man smarm

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    I'm off for the last two weeks in August. Will certainly be out some of the time weather permitting. I'm going to Padstow at some time and might even try for the Scilly's if the weather window is encouraging enough.

    What dates are you thinking of? Be great to meet for a beer.
    Of all the things I've lost - I miss my mind the most!

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    around the 2nd week of august, although this is not fixed at the moment, so might miss you - if you see the Barabara B around stop and say hello!

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    I'll keep a look out for you.
    Of all the things I've lost - I miss my mind the most.

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