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    I visit Spain frequently and take my laptop and mobile phone to stay in touch via email whilst away.

    Whilst my server (ISP) "GreenNet" has arranged for me to join a Network called "Golbal Roaming" that allows me to access a local number in Spain for connection, this service has provided some problems. If I am online for more than 20 mins, it times me out, ie simply disconnects me.

    GreenNet tell me that they can do nothing about this and their solution has been to disconnect me from "Global Roaming" and exclude the service to mobile phone users in the future. Wonderful solution!

    Has anyone out there solved this problem in a way that does not include the horrendous cost of a very slow intake of emails via its slow modem and having to dial back to the UK to connect to the server?

    My email address for direct contact is

    Best Wishes

    Frank Meredith

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    I've used AOL sucessfully in the Med linking to the French and Italian AOL numbers.
    If you get a local 'pay as you go' SIM card for your mobile then it's not expensive. I'm with Orange and had to get my phone unlocked first but I've heard that this may not be the case with other providers.
    Of course it's really slow at 9600

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    If it's taking ages, then praps you are using an email service that is too "pretty". does a service that is loads quicker, I understand, just the text, not the fancy typefaces. I am investigating and will probly sign up myself.

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    Default [url][/url] ???

    Don't know if this will work 'cos I don't speak Spanish but think about this: offer a free dialup service to a UK POP on a pay as you go basis where you pay for the local call cost:

    Does offer a similar facility - if so you can probably download the connection protocols onto your laptop and in Dial-Up Networking just select if you are abroad.....

    Alternatively have a surf on the net for Spanish ISP's who offer free connection at the local rate - my home internet is from some pack of jokers I have never heard of but all I want is mail so it suits me fine.

    Let me know if it works....

    South Coast to Greece delivery trip - Mochi 46 Flybridge:

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    If all you're interested in is email without attachments, then you may be interested in a Blackberry device. This is a hand held device permanently connected via a

    GPRS mobile connection (built in). You'll have to do a search on the web for more info on Blackberry.

    This continues to download email as and when received and has a small keypad to type your replies.

    On at least one network (Vodafone) GPRS data roaming is currently free where available as the billing hasn't been set up yet, although it's just a matter of time and unlikely to be cheap. However GPRS does provide faster download times and is billed only for Mb's sent/received rather than time connected.


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