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    Can anyone tell me what size (displacement) boat a Navico TP5000 tiller pilot is suitable for. Thanks

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    You could go to the Navico website ? I have found them VERY helpful in the past. Cheers !

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    were, unfortunately, taken over by Simrad some 10 years ago.

    Prices rose, innovation ceased and customer-support collapsed.

    I know because I had a set of Corus instruments, technicologically well ahead of anything supplied currently, but with some design flaws.

    Simrad have just taken over Lowrance, so we can expect that operation to go the same way.

    Thank the Lord that Raymarine managed to de-merge from the sprawling Raytheon group and once regain some vestiges of commercial vital signs.

    Having been in the takeover team of a UK-based conglomerate in the late 80s, I know the drill. Buy an innovative competitor, lose 35% of sales but cut 65% of costs, start "rationalising" prices/products and end up with a 100% "more profitable" operation.

    The problem is that you've got to keep doing that on a regular basis or the share-price growth stops - you run out of small competitors and/or the market goes into recession as happened in 1990, when my contract was bought out.
    For the last 10 years of my working life I gleefully turned the tables on the big globals.
    The best one was a client, turned down, snootily, by their German competitor @ £3.5 million, who we sold for £13.5 million 4 years later!! Best part was that THEIR final owner was a Netherlands company. It's not often one manages to successfully out-manuoevre the Netherlanders commercially.

    Finally, to answer the question, the original claim was for >38' and 10 tonnes displacement.


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