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    Default Fuel in France (Fecamp)

    We are hoping to make our first (nervous) channel crossing to Fecamp from Brighton in the next few days - weather permitting. If we decide to purchase diesel there will we be able to pay by credit card (visa). I am asking this because I seem to remember some debate recently that suggested that you could only buy fuel in France with cash or a 'carte bleu' which I believe is a purely french card. Whilst on the subject, does anyone know if the marina take credit cards? Hopefully the answer will be yes - which will give me one less thing to worry about!!!
    Is this the real thing, or is it just fantasy?

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    Default Re: Fuel in France (Fecamp)

    We came back from Fecamp to Brighton on Wednesday and were told that you need a French credit card to work the pumps. We had already refuelled at Le Havre, which you could only do at or around high water and they took my normal credit card but I had enticed them round with cash!
    It may be worth giving Fecamp a ring as they have a girl there on work experience from Kent who was very helpful,in fact all the staff at Fecamp were very helpful.

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    Default Re: Fuel in France (Fecamp)

    Most marinas in France - including Fecamp have self service fuel which do indeed work with credit cards but only French credit cards...

    In lots of places you can go to the marina office and ask them to allow you to pay cash or a UK credit card in the office machine... Trouble is sometimes 'weekend' summer staff do not have the authority or do not know where the office card is kept!!!

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    Default Re: Fuel in France (Fecamp)

    I went to Fe'Camp from Soveriegn Harbour in June this year. Refueling in Fe'Camp no problem, just go to marina office, say you wish to take fuel. Motor over to self service pumps opposite and radio marina with vessel name, take fuel, motor back, moor up and go to office to pay Easy!. Fuel cost was 70 Euro's/litre for Diesel (white no red) and yes they take UK credit cards. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Fuel in France (Fecamp)

    [ QUOTE ]
    Fuel cost was 70 Euro's/litre for Diesel (white no red) and yes they take UK credit cards. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That's a hell of a price - are you sure it wasn't liquid gold not diesel at all.


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