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    I'd seen the posts, just trying to be polite for once [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    you are always polite Brendan!

    for those popping in here this is what happened in practice -

    many phone calls and considerations resulted in the inevitable conclusion that conditions just wern't going to match up with needs of the group as a whole or many individuals!

    Despite the craft being well tested throuh the season etc it just didn't make sense.

    However that left GC1 and I ourselves who had the benefit of 9 days and, in GC1's case a bigger boat. In my case a 6 1/2 hour crossing to Alderney at the beginning of May into a S5/6 gave me a clue as to what to expect/avoid too!

    I headed off early Saturday and got about 8 miles clear of Anvil Point. From past experiences I find it necessary to get this far out to guage the true conditions, especially on larger tides. Basically whilst the wind generated stuff was fine there was clearly a significant swell coming in from the Altlantic and this was going to become an increasing factor rather than decreasing. Although Cherbourg would have provided a good angle to the swell we were out of contact with the other member of the party anyway so decided to call it a day - also with everything coming from the West / SW spending a week in Cherbourg didn't look to promising either!

    We therefore diverted to Weymouth, agreeing the destination with GC1 once we were back in coms range........they were anchored in Newton Creek having coffee...........! This had the advantage of a good steping off point for a direct run to St PP if conditions improved.

    Needless to say we had a great time in Weymouth with W Marina managing to fit us in for a quiter night than the harbour walls (I had my young daughter with me). GC1 ended up in Poole (as other posts about lifesaving etc outlined.

    The following day we arranged to meet in Lulworth, but ended up in Studland..............

    The forecast were looking grim to Charlotte and I left GC1 overnighting in Studland and ran back to our berth in Poole.

    Pete ran over to Weymouth first thing Monday..........

    Tuesday saw another possible window for Wednesday returning Friday/Sat so we ran over to Weymouth again to meet up and await developments.

    Tuesday night Met was going down the pan fast so we pulled stumps and ran back to Poole via Studland; with Charlotte and I bailing out to return home that night.

    Frustrating overall but some sun sea and sangria (equivilant)..........

    Throughout we were in contact with other forumites on conditions around the CIs - for which I thank those contributing.

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