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    Default Re: Fatal boating accident linked to high speed

    As I have stated in a previous post... you need to put speed into context. Driving at 70mph on a motorway is not exactly dangerous and is not exactly fast, BUT, you drive at 70mph round town and that is a completely different story. Comparing parking accidents and motorway accidents are completely different. For a given situation as speed increases so does the risk of an accident. Just look at when there are accidents on motorways.... far worse than a bump in a car park don't you think? To get back on track with the thread, it was discussing the issue of speed and inparticularly wrt speed and navigating in the dark. So, I still believe that as speed increases so does the risk of an accident... if they had been going slower they could have avoided the rock and the accident may never have happened.

    Another thought... if the risk of an accident was reduced by driving faster, why on earth are there speed limits in force, and everyday these are being reduced even more?

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    Default Re: Fatal boating accident linked to high speed

    on the speed/accident correlation, i think you need to set the parameters. A rib at 5 knts might be safe. A rib at 10 knots, might be safe..ergo no correlation. A rib at 80 knts, probably off the chart (statistical!) So, id imagine there is a fairly typical J curve, where you start with a poor correlation between speed and accidents, but if you move to extremes, the correlation becomes stronger. So it might be more true to say that beyond a certain point only, speed and accidents seem to go hand in hand (or limb from limb). So as always with stats, you need to be very specific, or anyone can claim anything and support it.


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