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    Default Sealine 450 statesman

    Hi anyone owned one of these. A customer has one which we use for school and charter. Her biggest problem is the sound from the exhausts. There appear to be no silencers on that model.

    At tick over it sounds positively agricultural. When cruising in anything other than flat smooth the exhaust outlets take it in turns to surface as the boat moves, and the vroom, (2 second gap) vroom (2 second gap) drives you mad.

    I usually have all the customers nod off on the fly on the return journey due to the hypnopic effect. I can just about get it to shut up in smooth conditions at 1850 rpm, over or below that and no chance.

    Anyone know of a cure???? such as a modification?

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    Default Re: Sealine 450 statesman

    I had straight through exhausts on my Broom 37 and as soon as the outlets came out of the water the noise was offensive.
    Had a long talk with Halyard Marine. Nice people and silencers sound good, water separator version especially. Unfortunately no room to fit!
    Give them a call.

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    Default Re: Sealine 450 statesman

    Have a word with Sealine, from memory when the 450 came out there was a number of changes in exhaust requirements, above or below water. With the result that early ones tended to be varied in spec and design.

    Kddpowercentre VASR charge

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    Default Re: Sealine 450 statesman

    Hi Clive

    When we got our T51 she had these exhausts fitted (in fact only one - the other had fallen off)

    So we had new ones (as recommended by Sealine) fitted

    We dont get a noise problem unless she is rolling badly - and definately not when cruising.
    However, we do get loads of diesel muck over the stern quarter - especially over the dinghy on the bathing platform.

    These pics might help if talking to Sealine - they've obviously made some changes here anyway.


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