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    Default Swimmers and Waders as of Fri 8th Sept

    This refers to the Cherbourg element - PLEASE let me know if numbers not looking correct. I will order 55 meals at 32 euro per head (the Amiral menu).

    It looks like this:

    32€ avec boissons

    Kir au vin blanc
    Saumon gravlax
    Gravalax salmon

    Salade de jambon fumé et chèvre chaud
    Smoked ham and goat’s cheese salad

    Salade de gésiers au caramel
    Caramelized gizzard salad (mmm !)

    Pavé de saumon, sauce au chablis
    Salmon steak with chablis sauce

    Magret de canard aux fruits rouge
    Duck breast with red fruits

    Entrecôte grillée, sauce Bordelaise
    Rib steak with bordelais sauce
    Camembert normand et salade verte
    Tarte aux pommes maison
    Home-made apple tart

    Marquise au chocolat, crème anglaise
    Choclate charlotte

    Tiramisu maison
    Vin blanc et rouge de notre sélection (1/3 de btlle par personne)


    So far I have:

    Ayesha 3
    Amaya 4
    Peregrine 3
    High Time 6
    Matrix 5
    Allegretto 3
    Moondance 4
    Karis 3
    2Js 4
    Fairprospect 3
    Filumo 3
    Debern 2
    Lady in Red 1
    Janes Buoy 5
    Cornish Maid 2
    Galadriel 4

    total 55

    He can accommodate one or two extras but we will have to pay for the number of meals so the cost may go up a fraction.

    Do skips wish a list of full details - ie peeps real names and mobile numbers? Guess if they pm me I can send this by return rather than an open post? ANyone not wanting their real moniker known let me know by Monday. I am in Bulgaria on Weds back Thurs and will set off early ours Fri am arr St Vaast in time for dinns on Fri.

    Anything I've forgotten?
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    Default Re: Swimmers and Waders as of Fri 8th Sept

    Nice work Richard. "Two J's III" is still as above. Thanks for everything.
    Never forget that you are unique, just like everyone else.

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    Default Re: Swimmers and Waders as of Fri 8th Sept

    Janes Buoy is currently 6 providing no one jumps ship!!

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    Default Re: Swimmers and Waders as of Fri 8th Sept

    Hi Richard, High time is 4 peaple for the restraunt, see pm
    Sorry for the spilling


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