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    Default Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    That evening in Mahon our guests flew back to the UK and the following day, the plan was to go to a harbour on the north east coast of Menorca called Addaya. Again, the wind persisted from the northeast and by the time we rounded the north east corner of Menorca we were rolling in a moderate northerly swell. During the 8 days in Mahon during which we could have got any technical help we wanted, the charging alarm on the starboard engine did not even murmer and I forgot about it but, Sodís Law being what it is, it started up again as soon as we were out of Mahon. Addaya is one harbour that you do need to consult the pilot book about before entering. There are offlying rocks to avoid and a narrow buoyed channel to find in order to negotiate the rocky shoals in the outer part of the harbour. The pilot book says that the entrance would be untenable in strong winds from the north and I can well believe that. In only a moderate swell, I had to work quite hard to keep Infinito on track at the slow speed necessary to find the channel, made more difficult by a setting sun.
    Eventually we found our way into the marina which is described in the pilot book as the most beautifully situated marina in the Balearics and indeed the location did remind me of a West Country river in the UK
    Well that may or may not be true; it certainly lacks facilities and is populated with the type of po-faced anal yottie that I thought weíd left behind in the Solent. We were directed to moor opposite a British yacht who watched us struggle with our lines without offering to assist, watched me struggle to fit our hose to the pontoon tap without telling me that the hose lying next to his boat was a marina hose which I could have used all along and then complained about the noise from our very quiet gennie. We had to use the gennie because the marina shorepower was truly pathetic, registering no more than 170V and not having enough amps to power a kettle. As a result of the low voltage, the battery charger was not shoving out enough amps to keep our batteries charged, hence the gennie. By then I had convinced myself that the engine alarm was related to the poor state of our domestic batteries. Wrong again.
    Puerto de Addaya itself is located within what the Spanish call an urbanization ie a development of new holiday homes. It is quite an antidote to Mahon in that it is very quiet and peaceful but there is only one bar and a sleepy workshop in the marina and the charges are certainly cheaper at about Ä65/night for us

    For restaurants and shops you have to walk up this hill

    Where you will find the kind of person that names his boat this

    We planned to stay 2 nights in Addaya and the following day dawned bright and calm, in fact one of the best boating days of the holiday. We motored in a slight sea to what looked on the chart to be a secluded perfectly horseshoe shaped bay at Arenal díen Castell. The engine alarm decided to take the day off as well so all was hunky dory in my little boaty universe. When we got there we found a perfectly horseshoe shaped bay surrounded by huge apartment blocks and hotels and the sea full of Brits in pedalos, kayaks, lilos, rubber rings and other assorted craft. Still, there were no jellyfish so we decided to stay
    Iím jolly glad we did because I got a bit of a show from the boat anchored next door. This lady proceeded to strip in her cockpit, go for a dip and then sunbathe naked on her foredeck. Sometimes life throws up little unexpected pleasures!

    Note the flotilla of Brit pedalos circling the boat. Sssh, donít tell SWMBO I took this photo. Overall we found nudity quite common on even crowded beaches in Menorca. Unfortunately, it seemed that it was mostly Spanish men that did the full monty bit which gave SWMBO ample opportunity to contrast and compare with yours truly, mostly unfavourably. The WAGís were mostly kept demurely covered up. Shame
    Our plan to leave Addaya the following day was scrapped because the northeasterly wind had strengthened considerably. I wasínt too unhappy about this as by now I was in maximum canít be arsed to do anything much mode. I spent the day washing the boat and checking engines and batteries which were almost dry which served to confirm my theory that the engine alarm was caused by a dud battery. Day 3 in Addaya was planned for the trip to our next destination, Fornells, and again turned sunny and calm with a fitful breeze from the southeast. As this was offshore, I reasoned that the sea would have calmed down after yesterdayís strong northeasterlies. Wrong again.
    First we took a trip further into the cala to investigate the anchorage

    The pilot book and the C Map chart both indicate depths over 5m in this cala but we were soon churning up mud with our props and showing depths less than 2m. Another case of not believing what you read. As we negotiated the outer harbour it was clear that the northeasterly swell from the day before had not dissipated as I had expected and it was panic stations for a while to shut windows as we plunged up and down the waves. To make matters worse, the engine alarm started blaring again. The waves eased as we motored out into the sea but it was still a bit of a roly poly ride

    A much larger, much more expensive than mine Ferretti zooms out of Fornells

    Fornells is another harbour that is open to the north and I was a bit concerned that the northerly swell would make the moorings uncomfortable in the bay. Much to my surprise, when we got into the bay, the swell almost disappeared. There is a small marina in Fornells but it is unsuitable for larger boats and crowded with local boats anyway. Again, the pilot book does not mention it but there are many visitors mooring buoys in Fornells which I was pleased about as I didínt fancy anchoring in the weedy bay especially as the pilot book indicated that the holding was patchy. Unfortunately, although the mooring buoys are colour coded, thereís nothing on them to indicate the max length of boat
    We picked up one mooring and were moved by an official looking harboury type on to another mooring

    And then banished to the far side of the bay by another official looking harboury type

    The good news was that no charge was made for these mooring buoys as the authorities want to discourage anchoring to allow the weeds on the seabed to flourish. Why I dunno. I prefer sand myself
    We found Fornells to be a bit disappointing overall. The town is a bit of a honey pot for tourists and it is attractive enough laid out around the marina. We had previously visited by rental car on one of our non boaty days in Mahon and it was so crowded that we couldínt find a restaurant table. We had looked forward to a meal in Fornells because the restaurants are renowned for their fish but that night, we had a very average fish meal at a distinctly above average price
    Fornells was the most northerly harbour of the trip and by now it was time to head south again towards home

    Part 3 to follow if youíve got this far

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    Starting to knod off now, sorry to see you had such a boring time.
    Part three please, just managing to stay with it! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    Hi Mike

    Nice story...Looking forward to part 3! Take no notice of Kawasaki, there is no entertainment in Wales past 8pm [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    Good stuff Mike. Looking forward to part III.


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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    keep it comming, am on the TGV towards Vannes (with delay) to do the Raz de Sein this WE and end up somewhere near Roscoff (at least we hope to...), batt lasts only 20 min so the rest has to be for tomorrow me thinks...

    Was great reading underway!!!


    Tom VC

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    I know how long it takes to put reports like these together.
    I'm also enjoying it.
    Yes please - part 3 when you've got time.

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    Yip, Mike still enjoying it, keep going.

    Why do you have some cable ties attached to the front of your boat?



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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    Seemed to have missed part 1, presume there was something before this?

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

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    Default Re: Postcard from the Balearics Part 2 (long, boring + pics)

    excellent stuff mikef.

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