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    Default Azimut 46

    Just been skippering a new one. Nice boat couple of probs with egonomics IMHO

    Bench seat for skipper and two others, up against port side so skipper has to move every time for the other two to get in and out, very odd. Also the bench seat is not adjustable.

    Nice size fly just oddly laid out, a lot given over to sun bed at rear, had 10 guys supping beer on fly not ONE cup/can/bottle holder on the whole of the fly?
    No where to put empties anyway.

    Skippers lot at helm is not aided by the aforementioned, plus sloping face to dash, no fidddled area for placing your bits like hand held, mobile, bum bag, charts etc.
    So you look for a little "glove compartment" for want of a better term, nowt to be seen.

    No magnetic compass on the Fly?? Helm position strange just off centre to port with controls to port, dont know why it was not in centre really.

    Plus points: went well crusing 25-26knts 550 Cats I believe. Med V hull went well in the conditions which were not really testing E3 at most.

    Nice lower helm layout and easy to read/navigate switch panel at helm.

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    Default Re: Azimut 46

    Looked at a few of the smaller Azimuts at boat shows, and also Rodmans and Astinors, and the flybridge design seems a tad flawed on all of them. I've never cruised in the Med, so it could be they work in that environment, but common faults to my mind seem to be many of those mentioned above i.e. bench seats that require helm to move to let other in/out, lack of seating, as opposed to sunbathing, space, not enough grabrails to feel safe, unsupportive helm seats. This is one area where, IMHO, the brits and the french seem to have it just right.

    On our Antares 9.80 we can seat six comfortably, or four and one lying, swivel the (supportive) seats for a social four facing layout in port, and move around under way reasonably safely. Not bad for a 140 K mass production boat of just 32 feet!
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    Default Re: Azimut 46

    Oh and one other thing, I know they are not noted for their agility in the steering department but this one was a) painfully slow and b) very heavy. Have asked the owner to check it the hydraulic steering is set up properly.

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    My last 2 boats have been Italian with the previous one being an AZ46 and your comments are quite correct, Clive. Poor helm seating and lack of oddments storage at the helm seems to be an Italian thing although I see that the very latest AZ's and Ferrettis seem to have a proper seat at the lower helm at least. I have never understood why this is the case because the engineering on Italian boats IMHO is generally better than UK boats. Cue flaming.
    I can only think that this comes from the fact that many Italian builders produce much larger boats which are driven by a skipper not the owner and who cares if the skipper is'nt comfortable? The other characteristic is that the lower helms tend to be much more comprehensive than the fly helm again suggesting that the lower helm is the one that will be most used as tends to be the case with a paid skipper
    Steering, as again you correctly point out, tends to be heavier. The steering on the AZ46 is hard work but you would'nt believe the effort you need to steer my Ferretti at speed. My SWMBO would struggle to turn the wheel to max angle at speed on my boat. Maybe Italians think steering a boat is a man thing?
    The AZ46 hull is fine. I had mine out in some fairly lumpy conditions and I would'nt say it is better or worse than a typical Brit hull. Take a look at the Azimut pricelist. I think I'm right in saying that a magnetic compass on the flybridge is an optional extra! Mine was'nt fitted with one either but again I suppose the philosophy is that all navaids are electronic these days
    Having said this, I would'nt swap my current Italian boat for any Brit boat of similar size

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    Default Re: Azimut 46

    Yes fair analysis. Lots of brits skipper their on boat which is seen as a bit weird by continentals. Hence benchy pilot seats and functional galleys in ferretis etc rather than the electric recaroish driving seats and wood-pannelled kitchen on sunsekers and even on 74foot fairline.


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