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    Default Re: Thanks for the advice

    Thats the fun. Proper boating and not stopping in some one elses back yard like marina in Torquay. Just the same in Dartmouth. Lest you can get on the town Quay. Which is best spot in town for the pubs ect. Need to get there early though.

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    Might meet you en route (we're in Christchurch). Check yr fuel range, tho. Cleverer people than me will correct this, but it's summat like:

    You can't access the bottom 20% of your tank, cos it slops around, so if you have 50 gals, you can only bank on using 40. Then leave 25% as a safety margin, so you can use 30 to calculate your range. If you cruise at 10gph, that's 3 hours running, and you're doing 25mph, so your range is 75 miles. Bank on having to go the long way round everything (tidal races etc). Weymouth might be stretching it in one leg...

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    Default Re: Thanks for the advice

    And remember there aint no water side petrol in Weymouth. There is an Esso station about 10 mins walk from the marina, but 30 or 40 gallons takes a lot of humping!

    Might we worth poking yor nose into Poole, if only to get some petrol.

    Old Chinese proverb 'Man who sail boat into rice field, soon get into paddy'
    Old Chinese proverb 'Man who sail boat into rice field, soon get into paddy'

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    Done the Weymouth trip from Southampton in one leg taking around 3.5hours at 20ish knots, and that is in a 25footer diesel. I tend to and sometimes push it to head direct from the Needles (south channel) to Anvil point to save time and then keep close to the shoreline. I go via the inner channel at St Albans which did catch me out once - scary sight seeing water higher than the boat - but boy did it give me confidence in the boat, not so sure about me at the time!

    Done diving past Portland and again always prefered to take the inner channel and not had any problems. Always feel that if you want to avoid the outfalls you gonna have to go out quite a few miles out and then the sea may be more bumpy anyway.

    I was planning to do Weymouth this weekend, however I am always put off doing anything much on Bank Holidays too busy, so day trips instead. Weymouth marina is busy at the best of times and far worst on bank Hols. However they will probably fit a 25ft boat in somewhere. I plan to take a few days off for this trip much quiter in the week.

    Maybe next time if you decide to do it, let me know.

    Have fun, I really enjoyed my trip, however Brixham/Dartmouth is my next plan but agree with the others stop at Weymouth first.



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