A remote control submersible captures footage of an eerie Alien-like sea creature a mile and a half underwater

Footage of an Alien-like sea

creature has been captured on film a mile and a half under water.

The video clip of the fascinating

Magnapinna, or “big-fin”, squid was originally filmed in 2007 by Shell but has

recently started to receive attention after its appearance on social networking


The footage was filmed at a

drilling site owned by the oil company, some 200 miles off Houston, Texas in

the Gulf of Mexico.

The big-fin squid was first

visually recorded in 1988 off the coast of northern Brazil and sightings have also

been reported near Ghana, Senegal and Mauritius.

Big-fin squid have previously been

spotted venturing into American waters three times.

The squid’s intriguing appearance

and eerie method of movement has left many people describing it as “alien-like”

and comparing it to a monster you might see in a horror film.

The Magnapinna’s fins are up to

90% of its total body length, which is where the name big-fin squid originates.

It has been estimated that some

big-fin squids captured on film previously measured around 26ft long, with the

tentacles stretching to around 15-20 times the length of the body.

Watch the footage here: