Only a handful of boats survive the sudden thawing of the Danube

The frozen Danube has suddenly started melting sinking

boats, pontoons and floating restaurants in Belgrade. Boats stuck in the

ice were carried down the river Danube as up to 11 inches of solid ice began to


The temperature shot up from -20C to 10C over the weekend

causing a rapid thawing of the frozen river.

Owners have been told by officials to monitor their property

but avoid recovering it from the river.

One local resident told AP that people were too relaxed

about the big freeze and left their boats in the water.

Boat owner Mihailo Svilaric said only a handful of boats

have survived the chaos. “We are trying to salvage whatever we can,” he told


“The ice was so fast that we could do nothing to prevent

this,” boat owner Dragan Jovanovic told Reuters. “The damage will be

hundreds of thousands of euros for sure.”

Authorities are unsure whether the rapid thawing of the

river could cause flooding. “At this moment we don’t know what will happen,” a

Serbian water supply system official told the AP.

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