Royal Navy ship HMS Argyll helped intercept the yacht after aiding in the victims of Hurricane Gonzalo

Cocaine worth £10m has been seized from a yacht

in the Caribbean following an operation by the US Coast Guard and Royal Navy


HMS Argyll had been helping victims of

Hurricane Gonzalo just 24 hours before when the ship’s Lynx helicopter spotted the vessel in the

Atlantic and and alerted the ship, which went on to stop the yacht.

A search by the US Coast Guard Law

Enforcement Detachment, working with the Type 23 frigate, discovered 10 bales

of cocaine on board.

The large quantity of drugs were

confiscated from the yacht and the two crewmembers taken into custody.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon, said:

“This is yet another clear demonstration of the flexibility and versatility of

the Royal Navy. HMS Argyll and her crew are playing a key role in disrupting

the drugs trade, which blights the UK. 

“The British people should be proud of the

work that they undertake on our behalf.”

HMS Argyll is operating as a part of a

15-nation collaboration to stop criminal organisation getting access to Central

America, with a focus on the illegal movement of drugs from South America to

the West.

This latest drugs bust comes just two

months after more than £20m worth of cocaine was seized on board a yacht off

the coast of Ireland

Picture credit: Ministry of Defence/Royal Navy