The Cruising Association's campaign and petition have been set up to highlight the dangers of entanglement in unmarked lobster pots and static fishing gear

The Cruising Association (CA) has welcomed the Government’s response to their Lobster Pot campaign.

The campaign was set up to highlight the danger to small boats of entanglement in unmarked lobster pots and static fishing gear in UK waters.

The CA asked members of the boating community to sign the ‘Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules!’ petition, which closed recently with 10,770 signatures. 

The Cruising Association President Judith Grimwade commented: “This signals change, and for the better. Government is now ‘looking at areas in which the enforcement of regulations can be enhanced‘ but is also open to, and interested in, the identification of other potential solutions”.

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Although the petition has now closed, there’s still work to do and the Cruising Association intend to press for the setting up of a consultative body to bring all of the stakeholders together, including the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, ‘preferably under the auspices of one of the government agencies’.

The Cruising Association is asking members of the public to report any incident by emailing them at: or reporting it to the RYA here.