Concerns for the missing sailor grew throughout the week after the coastguard had been unable to locate the yachtsman

A missing sailor was found in Swanage Bay on Tuesday evening after reports of a yacht acting strangely.

Solent Coastguard had become increasingly concerned for the lone yachtsman sailing along the south coast as they had been unable to locate him, despite repeated requests for information broadcast to shipping.

The local RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to Swanage Bay to investigate the reports of strange behaviour further, where they discovered the disorientated sailor.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “The crew of a sail training ship anchored in Swanage Bay reported a yacht seemed to be acting strangely in the bay and reported the yacht to Solent Coastguard.

“As the yacht fitted the description the Swanage RNLI inshore lifeboat was asked to investigate.”

Two volunteer crewmembers were put aboard the yacht and an assessment of the skipper’s condition found him to be very confused.

An ambulance was called shortly after while the yacht was secured to Swanage Pier in order to transfer the skipper safely ashore.

  • Jerry

    I had the opportunity to speak to said yachtsman, and the Coastguard Officers in Swanage that night. The yachtsman had set off from Dover, bound for Pembrokeshire. Near Dover, he thought he’d heard another vessel calling for help on the radio. He answered the radio call, giving the name of his yacht in his reply. Nothing was heard from the other vessel so he carried on his journey.

    His yacht name was logged by the Coastguard as being “involved” in a distress call. As he was busy sailing his yacht single-handed, he did not hear the Coastguard calling him back and so they put out a general broadcast for other vessels to look out for his yacht. He rounded the south side of Isle of Wight to avoid the Solent and followed a tall ship across to Swanage. They spotted his yacht name and alerted the Coastguard.

    He was intercepted by the lifeboat as he approached Swanage, and was taken ashore in bewilderment. He insisted that he was ok but the lifeboat crew and coastguards decided to get him “checked out”. Unfortunately the report given above is only one side. It fails to say that he intended to stay in Swanage that night and would continue his journey the next day, weather permitting. He is a very competent sailor and was well equipped for his journey.

    The lifeboat crew had no dealings with him on the quayside and would not have known the outcome of his chat with the paramedics and Coastguard team. Their report is based on their initial “rescue” and bringing him ashore, all the while insisting that he was ok.