The man was fined £200 after ignoring the warning horn of the ferry at Milford Haven Point earlier this year

A sailor has been fined £200 for

obstructing a ferry at Milford Haven Port earlier this year, forcing it to veer off


Yachtsman Andrew Humble had been taking

part in the Dale Regatta race when the incident occurred on 17 August.

He admitted to ignoring the warning horn

sounded by the Isle of Inishmore service between Pembroke and Rosslare.

Had the ferry continued on its original

course, it was at risk of being hit by Mr Humble’s yacht, said harbourmaster

Bill Hirst.

The harbourmaster emphasised that it was

important to make an example of the skipper’s actions, discouraging water users

to do the same.

He said: “The Port of Milford Haven works

hard to ensure all river users from kayaks to supertankers can share the

waterway in safety.

“We work closely with leisure users to get

this message out. But there are times when your safety and that of others

becomes your responsibility.”

In addition to the £200 fine, Mr Humble was

made to pay costs of £795 in the prosecution brought privately by the port.