Find out what it's like to be aloft an 18th century Man O'War

Visitors at the 2012 Tullet Prebon London Boat Show will get

the once in a lifetime opportunity to scale the rigging of HMS Victory in January.

For the first time ever people can experience what it’s like

to be aloft on the 18th century vessel that served as Nelson’s

flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar.

The fully rigged section of mast carrying the fore

topgallant yardarm will become the centrepiece of the Classic Boat attraction

at the London Boat Show.

Visitors will be able to scale the rigging, learn about HMS

Victory’s history and watch demonstrations about the use of artefacts extracted

from the vessel.

The London Boat Show is held from January 6 – 12 at ExCel in

London. You can buy tickets online.