Want to cruise without using any fuel? This could be the answer.

The 62ft Solarwave is said by its makers to be the first emissions-free yacht, other than ones with sails of course.

It has an electric motor, a solar-panel roof and a battery bank, making it totally independent of external power sources, and can cruise at a speed equivalent to a catamaran’s.

It’s been designed to provide enough energy to cruise on zero emissions as well as power all household appliances, although you’d probably want to switch them off when not in use.

It looks pretty slick too.

Solarwave 62

Features include a retractable sky roof, a 6.5m tender garage, three to five guest cabins, an additional cabin for crew, outdoor dining space and a beautiful, luxury interior.

Orders are being taken for the vessel, designed with owners in mind who want to be at sea for long periods of time in a yacht that is super low maintenance.

If that sounds like you, and there’s a cool £1.5million burning a hole in your pocket, this could be the motor yacht of your dreams.

The Solar 62′ is expected to be ready by October/November this year.

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  • Sinik

    The “journalist” wrote that this boat ‘can cruise at a speed equivalent to a catamaran’s.’

    Of course it can cruise at a speed equivalent to a catamaran.


    Because it’s a catamaran.

    Look at the picture. Can you see that this boat has two hulls? Those are the bits that float in the water. When a boat has two hulls it is (usually) a catamaran.

    Perhaps you meant to say, ‘It can cruise at a speed equivalent to a diesel-powered motor catamaran.’

    In the name of all that’s boaty, who writes this stuff?

    Not someone who knows anything about boats, that’s for sure.

    (PS: I haven’t renewed my sub to the mag. this time.)

  • Tim Roper

    Who will be the first to sail this around the world?