Ferry passengers could only look on in horror as the sailing vessel had a head on collision with the ship

Footage of a dramatic yacht crash has been posted on YouTube following the incident near Syndey on Sunday afternoon.

The sound of the ferry’s horn can be heard blasting out across the harbour as it attempts to warn the yacht that they’re set for a head on collision.

Conditions in the video looked particularly turbulent, with strong gusting winds and choppy seas.

It appears that the skipper and crew have lost control of their boat after being caught out by a nasty squall.

Inexperience may have been to blame for the crash, as not long into the video, one of the crew can be seen clinging on to the windward rail for dear life, rather than trying to sort out the problem.

Ferry passengers could only look on in horror as the yacht crashed straight into the side of the vessel, but luckily it didn’t look to have caused too much damage.

  • He was definitely taking a nap!

  • DismayedCitizen

    isn’t it the responsibility of the Powered vessel to keep out of the way unless it was restricted in its ability to manoeuvre?

  • Wolf Counsel

    Look at the wake of the ferry, no change in course from the helmsman on the power vessel.

  • Gillie Davies

    It seems to me that it is easy to say what should and shouldn’t have been done by the skipper of the yacht, but not so easy when you are actually on the helm. The reason the sail were flapping, appears to be that the yacht is trying to slow down to allow the ferry to pass ahead, the issue that action then causes, is lack of steerage, so possibly a huge error on the helmsman’s part, but quite honestly those sailors who have never made a mistake, have never cast their lines from the dock!

  • Robert K Nerup

    The ferry could have avoided the collision if it had thrown his rudder right to swing the stern away. Poor shiphandling by both parties.

  • SpawnyWhippet

    Clearly the yacht was not in control at all. Sails flapping and no attempt to turn. I would guess new owner on one of his first outings, no sailing experience