A World War Two ship which has undergone a £1m restoration at Gloucester Docks, is returning to the Thames this weekend

The Massey Shaw fireboat is currently making

its way to London after undergoing a £1m restoration at Gloucester Docks and is

due to arrive at the West India Dock on Saturday.

The boat, which was

originally built in 1934 for the London Fire Brigade, played a key role in

rescuing soldiers from Dunkirk during World War Two.

The vessel will have a

permanent home on the River Thames and be used as a living museum.

The restoration work

took place after the boat was found abandoned in a London dockyard in the 1980s

and was sunk in the 1990s.

David Robins from T.

Nielson and Company, which carried out the 18-month restoration told the BBC: “We’ve

rebuilt her like-for-like to make her as close as possible to as she was when

she was built.”

Meanhile, the Massey Shaw Society’s David Roger said:

“The boat is a talisman for lots of families.

“In London we will

invite a number of families who have been involved with the vessel over the

years to step aboard where their father or loved one was rescued for or served

aboard the boat.”

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Image credit: Matt Gardner