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Phil Collins' nephew arrested after cocaine found on yacht

  • Thu, 29 Mar 2012

£150,000 of drugs allegedly found hidden in fuel tanks and fire extinguishers

phillip austin collins

Phil Collins' 37-year-old nephew has been arrested in Peru for allegedly trying to smuggle 30kg of cocaine into Britain.

Philip Austin Collins was arrested with two other Brits after £150,000 worth of drugs were allegedly found hidden in fuel tanks and fire extinguishers on board his 39ft yacht Audaciter.

Collins was detained alongside Gareth Young and Richard Crewe when the stash was found on the boat moored at La Punta Yacht Club marina near the capital of Lima.

They were handcuffed and paraded in front of Peruvian cameras. The footage, which you can watch on the Daily Mail website, shows altered fuel tanks, which the four allegedly used to hide the drugs.

The arrest forms part of a wider crackdown on drug smuggling in Peru, reports the Daily Mail.

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